What Is The Most Eco-Friendly Type Of Insulation?

The purpose of every insulating product is to prevent heat loss in the winter and gain in the summer. This has the benefit of making your home more energy efficient, allowing you to save money on your energy costs while also lowering the emissions connected with heating and cooling your home. This is great news for the environment, but you can take it a step further by choosing an environmentally friendly insulating material!

What Is the Most Eco-Friendly Insulation?

Because it's made up of 80 to 85 percent recycled newsprint, this insulating material is regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly. Who knew you could use yesterday's news to insulate your home? To make the newsprint fibres more fire resistant, the remaining 15% is made up of borax, boric acid, or ammonium sulphate. Borate-based flame retardants also have the added virtue of repelling insects while staying completely safe to use. Insulation made of cellulose is more environmentally friendly than insulation made of other materials. It has R-values of roughly R-3.5 per inch, which is comparable to fibreglass, but with a higher percentage of recycled content. Cellulose is offered as a loose-fill substance that must be blown into place with a specialised machine. It can be installed on open attic floors, existing walls, and other surfaces. You can boost the insulation level here without tearing the wall apart by blowing cellulose through small holes.

Spray Foam
Spray foam is one of the most energy-efficient insulation options available, with an R-value of up to R-6.5 per inch. The fact that you don't need as much spray foam to produce appropriate R-values is the first reason spray foam is considered environmentally benign. Another reason so many Maryland homes select spray foam insulation is the availability of polyurethane spray foam manufactured from soy or vegetable oil rather than petroleum.

Install Eco-Friendly Insulation with DFW Attic Insulation
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