Radiant Barrier

What is Radiant Barrier?

Radiant barrier is a coating material installed in buildings, new and old alike, to reduce summer heat gains and winter heat loss. We install radiant barrier to the decking, truss chords, and rafters of your attic to create a barrier to reflect radiant energy away from your home.

Why Should You Install Radiant Barrier?

Radiant barriers work by reducing heat transfer by thermal radiation across the air space between the roof deck and attic floor. Solar Energy is absorbed by a roof, heating the roof sheathing which causes the underside of a roof to radiate heat downward to the attic floor and the ceilings of your home.

When this radiant heat penetrates your attic space and passes through your ceilings, your home will require increased cooling loads to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature. To maintain these types of air temperatures requires an increase of energy consumption by your air conditioning system.


There are basically 3 systems that optimize attic insulation efficiency Maximum attic insulation efficiency would include :

  • Blown Wool (R-38+)
  • Radiant Barrier, and
  • Attic door insulation (attic tent).


Radiant Heat accounts for 93% of heat gain in the summer, and 50% to 60% of heat loss in the winter!

Radiant Barrier is a low emissivity reflective coating that is sprayed on your attic ceiling. See insulation diagram above. Radiant Barrier reflects the sun's heat away from your home, subsequently keeping your attic cooler, and your electric bills lower!

  • Radiant Barrier reflects over 80% of the sun’s heat away from your home.
  • Lowers the temperature in the attic 30 - 40 degrees!
  • Permeable - does not trap moisture - allows water vapor to permeate.
  • Excellent investment - reduces heating and cooling costs by as much as 15% (as certified by an independent testing laboratory).
  • Greatly improves interior comfort levels.
  • Improves efficiency of existing insulation. (Makes R-19 work like an R-35).
  • Only economical way to retrofit radiant barrier to existing structures.
  • May be easily applied to side walls and garage doors.
  • Unaffected by rodents, birds and insects.


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